DOT Drug Testing Training

DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing Certification Training

Drivers with a CDL License are required to be in a drug testing program and each year 50% of drivers are randomly drug tested. This includes pre-employment, post-accident and other instances.

To perform the collection for DOT drug testing, regulations require completion of both a “Qualification” course followed by a “Proficiency Demonstration” course.


Qualification Training: The Qualification course is composed of a 3+ hour video. You may start or stop the video at any time and return to finish the video as needed. A printable copy of the training manual is attached to this training. Included in the training is a lab account form and other useful documents.

A review test is taken upon completion of the video and must be completed before scheduling the “Proficiency Demonstration”. A passing score of 90% is required and can be taken multiple times. You are then ready to schedule the “Proficiency Demonstration”.

Proficiency Demonstration: Proficiency Demonstration must be completed within 30 days of finishing the “Qualification” course. It is provided as a “live”, face-to-face Skype conference with a TeamCME staff member. You need to have a Skype account. The “Proficiency Demonstration” usually takes 90 minutes to complete. We can provide instructions on how to set up a free Skype account if requested. Your computer must have a web-cam feature or an attached web-cam device for video and a microphone for voice transmission.
  • Qualification Training
  • DOT Specimen Collector Training Part 1
  • DOT Specimen Collector Training, Part 2
  • Drug Testing Qualification Test
  • DOT's Mock Collection Video
  • Proficiency Demonstration
  • Instructions for Scheduling and Completing Proficiency Demonstration
  • Setting Up A Free Skype Account
  • Proficiency Demonstration Checklist & Certification (Completed by TeamCME)
  • Forms, Charts & Brochures
  • Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines
  • Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form
  • Non-DOT Custody and Control Form
  • DOT's Direct Observation Instruction Sheet
  • Post-Accident Alcohol and Drug Testing Flowchart
  • Drug and Alcohol Brochure for Drivers
  • If You Refuse Brochure
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "DOT Specimen Collector Training Part 1, DOT Specimen Collector Training, Part 2"